Gregg brings his storied success and savvy to L.A. Real Estate with a unique perspective in creating innovative and original Sales and Marketing campaigns.  Gregg’s campaigns and selling style capture potential buyer’s imaginations and entices them. Creating a custom campaign for you, Gregg oversees every aspect of your campaign increasing the potential of selling your home quickly at the best price. 


Prior to breaking into the Real Estate business, Gregg was Owner, Designer, and Sales Ambassador of his eponymous global luxury Fashion House, driving the sales of the collection to bestselling status in the most prestigious and iconic retailers.


Conducting Trunk Shows and Personal Appearances for prominent clientele, Gregg built brand loyalty, generated increasing sales, and forged enduring business relationships.  A prolific Seller, Creative, and Publicist, Gregg spearheaded innovative and dynamic Marketing, Sales, and Design campaigns luring Media, TV and Movie Executives, and Magazine Editors to collaborate.


Gregg’s love of Real Estate, combined with his natural selling style and marketing expertise, is the perfect formula for success in listing and selling your home.


In addition to Gregg as a powerhouse, you will have the wide-ranging resources and support staff of the douglas elliman beverly Hills office.